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The Industrial Model

  • Written by Paul Shola Oguntade
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The problem is summarized in this statement;“Education from time has followed the model that treats the learners as objects into which knowledge is put into and not as subjects in the learning process”To give meaning to this statement; it must be understood that education or to EDUCATE has to do with learning, tutoring, mentoring, edifying, extraction, nurturing, to enlighten, educe (educere- to draw out)…“To develop the innate capacities of… To draw out latent potentials… To develop...

Human Resource Model

  • Written by Paul Shola Oguntade
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All of educational reform I have come across has mostly been on advancing the industrial model of education, it rather shouldn’t be. I would compare such effort to how some people go about dieting. They are in it, but it doesn’t produce the result and that is because they are using the wrong mindset and approach.The industrial model treats the learner as a thing, a tool, an object, a robot, and many other words that depicts its insensitivity to the HUMAN. If learners are not ENGAGED in the...

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  • Written by Andrew Elliott McBurney
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I'll be honest, this isn't much of a blog entry.  I saw this story on and feel it's worth sharing:   Our schools need to adapt.  And it isn't going to be something accomplished just at a school or district level.  There are state and federal laws that have to change.   I hope everyone enjoys this article as much as I did and feels the same hope for the future.

Fall Break + Quiet House = Reflection Time

  • Written by C.S. Stone
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Fall Break begins in my district tomorrow.  As I rambled blindly through today's lesson on Dmitri Mendeleev and his periodic table, I wondered why on earth I started a new lesson in the middle of the week with 2 days off coming up.  Oh, you know, because I knew the assistant principal was coming in to observe my class (translation: observe and evaluate me) and I didn't want to abuse the other teachers on my team by having a free day and having them all be bombarded with "why aren't...

Learning Problem? It's Not Your Child's Fault.

  • Written by Marina Goetze
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A Fish Out of WaterThere is a raging debate going on at the moment. People are so serious about getting their point of view across in it that they have ranted their opinions on countless websites. The debate centres on the validity of an Einstein quote. You have one group that vehemently claims that the quote is most definitely something that Einstein said, and then you have the other group that says there is no way Einstein would have said something so soppy and commercial. I only bring...