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You're a Teacher, Not a Developer

  • Written by Kerrie Gallagher
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Do you have one of those cool new Interactive Whiteboards collecting dust in your classroom? Do you feel the only way to get quality interactive activities is to write them yourself? In the 20th Century, teachers didn't write their own textbooks. So why in the age of the 21st Century technology are teachers expected to create their own interactive lessons? The Wall Street Journal would never ask reporters to convert their articles into Chinese using translation software! The translated articles would be filled with errors, and the reporters would be wasting valuable time better spent writing and researching articles.

We know that only a select few of you have the time and energy to use archaic software to create simple lessons to use on interactive whiteboards. The learning curve is high and personal time is sponged up... one Comic Sans filled lesson at a time.

I have witnessed teachers' struggles firsthand. I started my career in the classroom. Then I spent 10 years in educational publishing. Inaccuracies, big publisher egos, and boring topics plagued the industry page by page. I heard teachers loud and clear, but the editors repeatedly turned a deaf ear to their pleas for dynamic materials to keep up with ever changing industry standards. Textbooks are so last century! This is why we started Electrokite: to give teachers what they want.

Electrokite offers interactive whiteboard lessons and activities (aka "Apps"). It's simple: Teachers tell us what they need and we develop it for them.

Want an easy, searchable database to keep track of your whiteboard apps?  -Our ElectroGuide is easy to install and use. Just search by keyword or standard number.

Want Common Core aligned lessons? -Our lessons are aligned to standards including the new Common Core.

Want someone to make your lesson interactive for you? -We welcome teachers collaborations. You give us the content and we give you the lesson.

Check us out today and download 21 free lessons!