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An Invitation To All Teachers

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Invitation to all teachers - Classroom Video Production is easy, cool, engaging and leads to deep learning



Monday 8 August 2011

2011 Global 60 Second Science Video Competition launched with $11,000 in Prizes

Following an unprecedented number of entries in an Australian school video competition in 2010, the competition has been re-launched as a global competition for 2011, with entry categories for both students and ordinary citizens from any country.

To encourage entries from indigenous communities and non-English speaking countries, a category has been created for 60 second science videos with a narration which is in a Language Other Than English (LOTE).

This Citizen Science Education project invites citizens and students world-wide to create and upload a 60 second video which explains a science concept or phenomena. Entry is free, with cash prizes being awarded by a prestigious panel of International Scientists, film-makers and multimedia experts.

See the judging panel at:

See winning entries from previous years at:

Prize Details and Sponsors:

Competition Deadlines:
Register by Friday 16 September 2011 5pm (local timezone)
Upload Video(s) - by Friday 28 October 2011 5pm (local timezone)

Contact: Competition Convenor

Brendan O’Brien: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At Kilmore Primary School in VIC, Bronwyn in Grade 3 conducts an experiment to find out which cloth - out of 4 - is the most absorbent. She then explains capillary action.
Three MacGregor SHS investigate inertia with and motion with the following tools at their disposal: a skateboard, some rope, a hill, and an unqualified stuntman! Enjoy, but do not attempt this at home.