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Celebrating Diversity within the Classroom: The Importance of Global Education

  • Written by Danielle DiPretoro
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As children develop and mature during their educational experience, a clear understanding of the world surrounding them is essential in forming thoughtful opinions and becoming future leaders.  Teaching in an environment that explores and embraces diversity is a creative and effective way for children to begin to comprehend the vastness of the world. The famous children’s book Amy’s Travels, written by Kathryn Starke, the founder/CEO of Creative Minds Publications, provides an excellent example of multiculturalism and global awareness in a manner that is also relatable to children.

Narrated through the eyes of a young Latina girl named Amy, Amy and her family travel to a new continent every few years and become immersed in the different cultures. Covering all seven continents, Amy’s Travels is the first picture book to highlight the difference of cultures in a way that continues to keep children engaged while also encouraging children to travel and explore through reading. This multi-cultural book teaches children about geography and is currently available on five continents taught in over 20 countries and in 8 different languages. Used in bilingual, immersion, and international schools worldwide, Amy’s Travels has achieved success outside the classroom as well, as the children’s book was selected for the 2013-2014 musical performance for the Latin Ballet of Virginia. As our world continues to become increasingly connected with new technological discoveries, the need for children to embrace diversity on an international level has become exceedingly important as ever.

 To find out more information regarding Amy’s Travels, Kathryn Starke’s plans to celebrate Amy’s Travels 10th birthday, and the mission of Creative Minds Publications, please visit the website