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The Problem with ICT Specialists

  • Written by Michele McArdle
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When it comes to the discussion of ICT in our schools and embedding it within the Australian Curriculum we may have it wrong or at least as educators we need to be a little wary. I say we have got it wrong in the sense that educators and schools are looking at the type of ICT tool but what is really needed is a clear direction on outcomes and how these can be achieved. Once this aspect is addressed only then can we assess what tools will best help students to achieve the outcomes.

Instead what we now see are so called 'educational' companies setting up on our schools' steps touting their wares under the disguise of caring about our schools and the education of our students. My problem with this; if you have a particular product to sell how can you really be concerned about the curriculum, hence students' learning when as a company you have a vested interest in selling your product and making a profit? If this is the case then as a school you are compromised in what you offer and deliver educationally to your students. The focus becomes the product rather than the curriculum, outcomes and how best to achieve them. By focusing on the product first and foremost schools and educators do their students a disservice and is so morally wrong on all levels.

So, all those so called 'educational' companies who profess to care about education and our students, butt out or at least be up front about what you are really offering education and our students.