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Are We Really Connected?

  • Written by Michele McArdle
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In the 21st century there are many wonderful things about education that teachers and students should celebrate. One of these things is the use of technology. Technology has allowed both teacher and student to see the world in a way unlike previous generations. Where information and ideas are immediate and connect us to a world that we could only hope to join once we finish school or in the holidays. How exhilarating we now don't have to wait, now we can connect with those from different cultures all over the world at our leisure.

In saying this we are all quite adapt at putting information out there but is anyone really listening? In order to connect, first and foremost we need to listen to each other. And listening requires great skill. Listening requires great skill because it invites us to not say anything, it invites us not to butt in with our own opinions and it invites us to concentrate on what is being said. To take the time to digest what is being said, to think it over (yes, you are required to think), to take the time to assess our own position and finally to take the time to do this. By sharing knowledge, ideas and skills through technology, the technology has allowed us to create benefits through horizontal interactions, which allow teachers and students to share knowledge across fields to encourage conceptual blending, which is important to the insight process. So, having said that we would all do well to fully listen to each other in our quest for knowledge and contentedness.