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QR Codes - A Wealth of Information Stored in a Little Square

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"The De-tech-tive 4 Schools" QR code

QR codes (Quick Response) are two-dimensional bar codes whose distinct pattern have been encoded with specific information such as advertisements, websites, business cards, etc.  In fact in Japan, QR codes are even used to buy groceries!  Due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices,  QR codes are becoming more and more invaluable in that content can be quickly and easily accessed using the device's built-in camera.  There are two resources, one needs to get started with QR codes: a QR code generator and QR code reader.  Below I have included links to some possible generators and readers.Generators:Kaywa QR code generator Beautiful QR codesReaders:
Sample Classroom Activity:The QR code generator I would like to highlight is QR Voice.  Once the code has been scanned, a voice will delivered the encoded information.  I utilized QR Voice by creating codes for the poetic devices my English classes are expected to learn.  Below are the poetic device codes.  Please feel free to use and share with your students and colleagues. 

Qr codes for poetic devices



I strongly encourage you to give  QR Voice a try!  Click here to get started.



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