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A Must See Video...

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This video is very well put together and gets its message across.  Depending on where you stand with technology in the classroom (and out of the classroom) we may get some varying responses....lets talk about this.

I was left with a lot of questions:

  • How could education have fallen so far behind the rest of the world?
  • Have we really fallen this far behind?
  • Are our students really "checking out?"
  • Are some districts or states further behind than others?

I know many teachers that work with technology in the classroom, and are able to keep their students engaged.  I know many teachers who are not open to using technology in their classroom and are still able to keep their students engaged.  I also know many teachers who have had technology installed in their classrooms, but they don't know a thing about it, how to use it...etc.  Some would like to learn, and some would not.  So...

where is the problem here?


  • Why are we spending thousands of dollars on equipment that some teachers do not even want to use?
  • Is this the case in your school or district?