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InvolvEdu: App That Tracks Student Involvement

  • Written by NickAlm
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 InvolvEdu is free web and mobile app for High School and University students that allows them to get credit for what they do outside of class.  InvolvEdu can be used by student groups for student outreach and promotion, by students for event discovery and tracking, and by school administrators for student group management. InvolvEdu regulates a historically unregulated market.  Besides just taking a student’s word for it, there's no real way to know for sure whether or not...

Celebrating Diversity within the Classroom: The Importance of Global Education

  • Written by Danielle DiPretoro
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 As children develop and mature during their educational experience, a clear understanding of the world surrounding them is essential in forming thoughtful opinions and becoming future leaders.  Teaching in an environment that explores and embraces diversity is a creative and effective way for children to begin to comprehend the vastness of the world. The famous children’s book Amy’s Travels, written by Kathryn Starke, the founder/CEO of Creative Minds Publications, provides an...

Flipped Out

  • Written by Andrew Elliott McBurney
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So “flipped classrooms” are the latest thing. Well, almost the latest. They’ve been around for a few years now, but they’re starting to pick up steam, so, “the latest” will do for advertising purposes.I’m a bit skeptical of the idea of a flipped classroom. I say this as someone who has created a Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, online Schoology classrooms, and Remind101 account for his classes. I’ve set up accounts with Prezi, Infogram, and Vimeo, and I’ve give myself a long list of...

Special Ed Teacher Observes Success in the Mainstream Classroom

  • Written by Jenny F.
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Lauren Sabo is a multi-intensive special education teacher at Manual High School in Denver, Colorado, who has been using Learning Ally for over three years to accommodate her students. The term “multi-intensive” is used to describe students who struggle with very significant difficulties.“We use Learning Ally for students who have a specific learning disability in reading, which could be dyslexia, and also students with cognitive delays or low reading skills,” explains...

How to Use Technology in Education

  • Written by Brian Zeng
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As technology continues to influence our everyday lives, we find that its relevance has actually extended beyond office spaces and science labs. Intentionally or unintentionally we use technology all the time and are totally dependent on it. Almost all our daily life activities are governed by technology. In fact, we rely on it so much now that it has become a habit.And why not? If technology can bring more meaning and value to something then it is always a good idea to try it out. Every...