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  • Written by Andrew Elliott McBurney
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I wrote this post in one of my graduate courses on curriculum in March 2012, in response to a couple of questions that asked what learning theorists influenced me, and what impact my prefered learning theory would have on my teaching: Educational psychology is a tumultuous convergence of science and our democratic principles. It is an area I have wrestled with as an educator. I believe the issue at the root of all of it is the idea of motivation. Unlike the first sentence of the chapter*...

So much to talk about...

  • Written by The 21st Century Teacher Team
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Above is a Wordle of President Obama's speech entitled: "21st Century Schools for a 21st Century Economy."  If you're not familiar with Wordle it is a web application that turns text into the word cloud you see above.  The words most often used are the largest in the word cloud.   Take a look at the words above....Do you think the largest words are the most important? We have so much to talk about and so much to share.  The21stCenturyTeacher.com is a place for us to share our thoughts...

Bad Tradition: Tests in Classrooms

  • Written by Kris Nielsen
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  Submitted by: Kris Nielsen - Middle Level Specialist from North Carolina I watched my students take a math test the other day.  It was one of those tests that seems to take the entire 70-minute block.  Some finished early, others took the entire time, a few tended to need another day.  They were stressed, I was bored, and the entire day seemed to be a general energy drain. So, as I watched, I had two thoughts. First, I was still a little upset that my...

Flipped Out

  • Written by Andrew Elliott McBurney
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So “flipped classrooms” are the latest thing. Well, almost the latest. They’ve been around for a few years now, but they’re starting to pick up steam, so, “the latest” will do for advertising purposes.I’m a bit skeptical of the idea of a flipped classroom. I say this as someone who has created a Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, online Schoology classrooms, and Remind101 account for his classes. I’ve set up accounts with Prezi, Infogram, and Vimeo, and I’ve give myself a long list of...

Are We Over Loading Our Students?

  • Written by Michele McArdle
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 To give homework or not, that is the question. Our schools are increasingly asking young people to be involved in not only academic life but also sport, drama, music and an array of other things, considering this, has enough thought been given to the setting of homework?In schools today our students are asked to sit around six to seven hours, is it then prudent to ask them to sit another couple of hours in the evening? Medical evidence says no, as sitting stops the neurons firing...