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Technology In Education - Why?

  • Written by Jake Glasgow
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  Submitted by: Jake Glasgow, Instructional Technology Specialist from Upstate NY There has been a lot of chatter lately about whether integrating technology into the classroom is having an impact on student learning.  "Where is the data that justifies the millions of dollars spent on technology?"   I urge you to read the September 3rd, 2011 NY Times article by Matt Richtel entitled; "In Classroom of Future, Stagnent Scores." A fantastic article which...

Why the SMART Board May Have Been a Dumb Choice

  • Written by Kris Nielsen
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  From my middle grades math and technology blog, MGM Focus The teacher across the hall just received a long-awaited gift from our school’s technology department–a SMART Board!  It felt like Christmas as the students and teachers in our hall watched the technician open the boxes, unwrap the components, secure the board to the wall, connect the teacher PC to the interface, press the power button, and stand back proudly as the shiny, new technology came to life...

A Must See Video...

  • Written by The 21st Century Team
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This video is very well put together and gets its message across.  Depending on where you stand with technology in the classroom (and out of the classroom) we may get some varying responses....lets talk about this. I was left with a lot of questions: How could education have fallen so far behind the rest of the world? Have we really fallen this far behind? Are our students really "checking out?" Are some districts or states further behind than others? I know many...

Teaching students to Take Charge of their Learning

  • Written by Adam Dewar
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  Submitted by: Adam Dewar Let me first start by saying I am not a teacher in the conventional sense. Why then would I seek out and take interest in a community for 21st Century teachers? It is because I know, and have known since graduating from High School that the challenges faced by the education system are many. Everything from chronic funding shortages at many schools and Universities, to a fundamental disconnect between the way education is delivered and the 21st Century...

My Struggle With Technology

  • Written by Anonymous
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Submitted by an annonymous teacher of 18 years...   I would like to share my technology struggle with you. I am a 5th grade teacher of 18 years.   I often think back to when we had absolutely no computers or technology in our school. How it was: We took attendance by hand and had a student bring it down to the office We hand wrote our report cards We kept our grades in a grade book that I could hold in my hands We got the weekly tip sheet in our mailboxes in...